22 April 2013 @ 10:44 pm
Sailor Moon Fancasting for the S_A group  

Usagi / Serenity & Mamoru / Endymion

Brandy Norwood and Paolo Montalban
Do I even have to explain why these two are completely perfect in every way? Nope. I don't.

Chibi Usa

Quvenzhané Wallis
She's so freaking adorable and a fantastic actress. I would die to see her play Chibi Usa.

Ami / Sailor Mercury

Utada Hikaru
I tend to use Utada as a mental VA for Rei, not Ami, and yet the more I see of her and her generally sweet, charming attitude, the more she actually reminds me of Ami. I think she'd do very well playing the part, because she's already very quite and gentle.

Rei / Sailor Mars

Amano Tsuki (formerly Tsukiko)
Though Keiko Kitagawa is my supreme choice for Rei--as, like Rishi said, don't fix what ain't broken--I thought I'd give an alternate choice for her. In that regard, I thought Amano Tsukiko was a perfect fit. Her voice is astounding, and many of her older works--such as this video--tend to blend more traditional japanese music with the popular music of today. One of the few anime!Rei moments I utterly adore is her love of music re: "Talent Night."

Minako / Sailor Venus

Charice Pempengco
I wavered quite a bit on Minako or Rei for Charice, but ultimately her voice cinched it. Charice, with all her energy and sweet attitude would make a perfect Minako already, but coupled with that voice and just WOW.

Makoto / Sailor Jupiter

Kwon Bo-a
OK, i pic-spammed the hell out of her but there's just so much material!  If it isn't clear how perf BoA is for the part, <a href="http://youtu.be/tsE79LHmUpY" target="_blank">watch this video</a>.

Michiru / Sailor Neptune

Mika Nakashima
I was actually at a bit of a loss over who to cast for Michiru before I saw a few of Mika's wonderful shots. I've seen her in Nana, of course, where she did a fantastic job as the titular character.

Hakura / Sailor Uranus

Ayumi Hamasaki
As if you're not expecting a video by now. I saw this once a few years ago and Utada has been my perfect Hakura ever since. Bonus points, she's an actress too.

Hotaru / Sailor Saturn

Sydney Park
I mixed a bit of her older self and younger self because, of course, we h ave two different ages for Hotaru. Sydney is just a darling girl who would be so cute and have so much fun with the part.

Setsuna / Sailor Pluto

Julia Jones


Carice van Houten
I actually have three women I love dearly as Beryl: Christina Hendricks (my PB for the RPG), Bernadette Peters, and now Carice van Houten. Ever since seeing her in GoT I have been utterly floored by her perfection for the part. She definitely knows how to play determined, overly devouted women.


James Marsters
Though the character he's best known for is, perhaps, a bit more Jadeite, I really think James can pull Kunzite off very well. He's got the acting chops, and he definitely has down broody and badass--without overselling it. Plus, look at those cheekbones.


Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

Don't ask what it is with me and singers, but once again watch this video. Since the day I first saw it (a few years back) he has been my perfect Jadeite. This is the PB I use for TSM, btw, just add a perm. ;D He's a bit ridiculous, but that fits Jadeite IMHO


Rami Malek
Y'know what...I have no justification except for this boy's smile. And his eyes. And his face. And...you get where this is going.


Alecia Beth Moore (aka P!nk)
Presented without comment.