Doing this as I've owed her a response for a few days. XD Also jacking hyel's answer format:

Rei )

Nephrite )
Une )
Duo )
Wufei )
Jadeite )

13 August 2010 @ 02:06 pm
Dunno how well this is gonna work, but Sandy talked me into an informal GW twitter RP.  Easy premise: after endless waltz. We got a Une (her) and Duo (me). Anyone else up for the fun?

I really AM a dork... >.>

ETA: found a Quatre. Anyone else?
11 August 2010 @ 09:42 am

Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper

OK, this is just a placeholder until I get home, as the answer is fanart and I don't have access to that here. XD 

Characters whose hair you'd kill for

So, is my obsession with long hair obvious, yet?

It really should be.   I'm not feeling very verbose on the subject right now, so suffice it to say that, had I my choice of things, my hair would be silky, dark, thick, and reach to knees.  /le sigh/ Only in my dreams.

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05 August 2010 @ 10:59 am

Relena Darlain
Gundam Wing

I'll admit, again, that this is not a character I understood or liked the first few times I watched this show.  Which, honestly, is a large part of what influences this--I didn't appreciate her, just as, I dare say, most of the GW fandom doesn't. 

Even as the fandom ages, the debate of whether or not Relena had a point still rages.  Ask about her to anyone who ever claimed to be a Gundam W fan, and they're likely to go off on a tirade. I dare say, you're more liable to find people who hate her, than like her.

While I think that hate is largely unjustified, I won't go into it here (as there are those on my f-list who do not share this opinion and may be offended by my heavy-handed one).  Relena is, and forever shall be, an amazing character who, no matter what you believe, changed and grew throughout the course of her story.  If you want a great example of character development in anime, she is it.

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02 August 2010 @ 11:04 am

Anime character you
feel you are most like
(or wish you were)

Sailor Mars - Rei Hino

Now, granted, I always preferred her manga personality, but even in her anime form she's still one of my ultimate heros. Er, Heroins.

Mars, as portrayed in the manga, is classy and refined.  Perhaps a little haughty, she makes up for that by extruding the peaceful charm of a born aristocrat.  Her anime incarnation is loud, bossy and brazen.  She can be described as a "bitch," but no one can say that she doesn't speak her mind.

As a kid, this was amazing to me.  A lot of people that know me now scoff at the idea that I might not do this, too;  that there could have ever been a day when I was quiet, reserved, even sheepish. (Yes, Sandy, I'm looking at you ;D) It existed, though, I assure you.

The advent of Sailor Mars in my life encouraged me to say what I was thinking, instead of bottling it up inside.  I'd like to think I've still got some amount of tact remaining, though.  Am I like her?  I guess I'd hope so, but I really can't tell, myself

Most annoying anime character

Sailor Moon - Usagi Tsukino

As odd as it as it may be for a fan of this series, it took me a long time to accept or like Sailor Moon herself.  A crying, whiny little baby throughout most of the series, it's difficult for me to view her as any sort of "leader," Queen, or otherwise person of power.  She's the least likely to be capable of performing the job without doing some major growing up--which we are never privy to in any part of the series. 

Instead, we're expected to believe that this blubbering airhead would make a good Queen of the World because... she likes people? I guess.  Which is fine and dandy, except that Usagi is the kind of person who frequently forgets, accepts, and just "glosses over" the whole "this is a villain who has killed a bunch of people" concept.  I can't help but think that there's a reason why the Crystal Tokyo we get glimpses of is largely unpopulated.

Actually, that isn't even the largest part of why she's annoying. 

I understand that Usagi is the main character, and MCs often get more attention put onto them than the rest of the cast.  This wouldn't bother me if she weren't such a blatant Mary Sue about it.  Every other character in the series is expected, it seems, to suck up to Sailor Moon's ass.  Even the villains.  

Despite all logical reasoning, she is More Powerful than all the other senshi (a fact which makes no sense as she's the worst fighter, hands down.)  No one ever draws the logic that her great true power is as a conduct for the others'.  No, really.  Nine times out of ten, they're required to siphon their energy into Sailor Moon (usually at the cost, or endangerment, of their own lives) just so that the little brat can glitter-doom the enemy. Without them, she couldn't do jack shit.

But is this ever addressed?  No.  Absolutely not.  Because Sailor Moon is the Biggest Baddest Girl In Heels ever, and she could so totally kick all the other senshi's asses.  Because she's the ultimate Senshi. Ever. In the entire universe.  And everyone loves her. And she's so pretty, and sweet, and all the guys want to fuck her, and all the girls want to be her, and yet no one ever has a problem with her, who isn't later killed or proven to be Utterly Wrong.

I admit to liking her a little more in fanfiction--wherein the author has usually made her mildly OOC, in that they've given her a brain and  weaknesses.

Favorite canon anime couple

Heero Yuy & Relena Darlain -- Gundam Wing

I'd be lying if I said that I'd always loved this pair from the first time I watched the series.  In the spirit of honesty, I didn't even like Relena the first time. Or the second. Or third.

It took me growing up and re-watching the series to finally understand what she was about, and what her and Heero's relationship meant to the series.  That was the point where these two raised the bar up to favorite canon couple, ever.  Of course, I don't often like canon couples, so there isn't too much competition. ;D

What these two have that others lack is depth.

Rather than their relationship being spelled out with "I love you"s, or even acknowledgment, the show allows subtext to build the connection between the two. 

To Relena, Heero begins the show as her shining beacon of hope.  He represents everything her lonely, sheltered heart has wished for: mystery, danger, the unknown, and, potentially, someone who might like her for who she is, rather than what she's worth. She discovers his pillar of strength and uses it as a template for her own, resolving to be more like him and to fight for her beliefs--as soon as she figures out what those are.

To Heero, Relena is innocence.  She is a child, lost and frightened in a world that she doesn't understand.  He is both envious of this innocence and annoyed at her weakness.  He wars with himself--does he kill her naivety or protect it?

As the series continues, Relena explores her place in a world at war and draws her lines of morality as Heero's ideologies are torn down around his ears. They find one another again as Relena's light is beginning to burn.  For only a brief moment, they stand together as equals, before the war draws them apart again.

But they still think of one another, drawing on the belief that the other is alive in order to pass their most difficult moments.  To each, the other represents a never-ending hope for something greater than the changing tides of war. A future, perhaps, if not for themselves but for this other person.

The end of the series draws them together once again, and their positions have changed.  It is no longer Relena who needs to be saved from herself, but Heero.  He is lost in a world without soldiers--a world he created but does not understand.  She is the pillar of strength, the light in the darkness, whom he must lean against as he gathers the shattered pieces of his own.

Though not necessarily romantic, they will always be a "couple" in my mind--a pair that, for whatever reason, is tied to one another by ties stronger than simple friendship or love.

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28 December 2009 @ 10:18 am
I "stole" this from someone over on Dotmoon last year, and decided to do it again this year--trying to start a tradition, of sorts, for myself.  This is about being utterly honest with myself about the past years fan-fic writing. 

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19 September 2009 @ 05:01 pm
So unless something totally absurd happens in the next week, I'm officially done with school. According to my student ID, i'm officially and Alumni and I should, at some point in the near future, have a diploma to match.

Can you feel the excitement?
IRL Stuff the First )

That being said, this does (hopefully) free up some time for personal projects which have been getting the short-end of the stick. Fanfiction is still underway, I'm looking for an SP beta, and WiP should be finished soon. Possibly by next weekend. October is going to be outline month for the SM BB project, "Yield for Nothing," and I'm hoping to have a few different people to act as Betas on that when the time rolls around. It's largely possible that that will be my NaNo project as well, this year. The gods know it'll be big enough.

IRL Stuff the Second )

OH! For those of you interested in Gundam Wing, I joined a new RPG that's just gotten started up. We're extremely slow moving, as a warning, but it's an AU that restarts the universe and lets things go from there. You can check it out here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Princess_Playground/index/ and don't hesitate to ask questions. The more the merrier! A lot of key players and OCs are still needed.

27 August 2009 @ 02:14 pm

Look, Mommy, I'm posting!! I keep telling myself to post more on my LJ and it never happens.  What can I say, I lead a boring life.  

Anyway, some updates on the fanfic front:

Super Secret Ficathon Project, Take Two is now semi-complete.  I've sent the rough draft off to Beta #1, but am looking for a second Beta as Ami may not be able to get to it this weekend.  As the project is due the 31st, this is rather pressing. XD If anyone wouldn't mind making it bleed, please say so!

Work in Progress chapter nine is still in the works.  The Ficathon has been distracting me, but now that that is over it's movign to the top of my writing list.  You guys have been waiting too long for that.

Other than that, the other projects are geting worked on whenever I feel inspired on them.  There's a couple outlines that are  being looked at seriously for the BB SM project ( [livejournal.com profile] smbigbang , for those who don't know about it) as well as NaNoWriMo, and just... well. For the fuck of it.  (Am i the only one who has ever randomly gone 1x2x3x4x5xR and thought "That would be seriously fun to write?" Non-GW peeps won't understand this.)  Some of those projects might actually see the light of day, now that I think I know how WiP is going to end.  My guestimations put it at about two to three more chapters.  If you like the Busy People verse, though, don't worry because there are at least two more multi-chapter fics for that verse.


Serious thoughts are moving towards teaching in Japan.  This might actually happen, as I may actually be in a position to do so.  Will talk more on this later, after it's confirmed that I am graduating.

Other than that, is there anyone here who might be interested if I put up commission information here?  I don't want to clog up my journal with that kind of stuff, but I do need to get the word out there a bit more.  Might help if I start artspamming this thing.  Also, will be redoing layout at some point.  Or tweaking it, cause this piece of shoddy work up right now is wearing thin.  Any suggestions?


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1xR, 2x5, GW
Plays off of Things You Do

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13 August 2009 @ 04:25 pm
1xR, GW

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