29 November 2010 @ 10:51 am
Title: The Price You Pay
Prompt (Bridget's Flame): Lie to Me
Prompt (OrigFic Bingo): Slavery
Word Count: 550
Verse: Endangered
Warnings: None
Characters: Osías
Summary: A delivery on a rainy night.

Rain splattered freely upon the windshield... )

29 October 2010 @ 12:46 pm
I've been putting off doing this, but I should.

Who wants on the Nano filter? This year I'm doing NanoMango, not WriMo, so it will be filled with sketched & inked comic pages.   There will be two, possibly three, titles involved:

(primary) Wind Spirits
(secondary) Endangered
(possible) Let It Be

The last is a very, very short page comic--probably three to four pages long by the time I'm done--adaption of a short story I wrote earlier this year.  My personal goal for this is to have 30 inked comic pages in a month, regardless of what title they're for (though I'm really hoping to make headway on WS's first chapter).

All of it is going to be locked to the public, and you can always opt out of the filter at any time.

20 October 2010 @ 10:31 am
Trying to write a short snippet... synopsis thingie for Endangered.  These are the two I have so far; opinions/preferences anyone?

"Blanca Rodriguez Abarca is being tracked by the world's most psychotic trophy hunter. Osías Rios Vargas has crossed an ocean to leave his past behind.  Together, the two have learned to skim by on the bare minimums of life.  But when their world collides with that of a hot-tempered orphan, everything seems to go belly up.  Now with their demons nipping at their heels, the threesome must decide to fly or fight."


"Endangered follows the misadventures of three people who want one simple thing: a break. But with a world renowned hunter on their trail, a militia of ticked off farmers at every corner, and a madman intent on locking them away forever, it seems that none of them are going to get their wish."

18 October 2010 @ 09:45 am
I have never in my life had any more problems with a webhost than I have had with Network Solutions. It bothers me that they go out of their way to make their back end as confusing as possible for anyone who doesn't want to use their "build it with us" javascript tool of bullshittery. I know how to write valid markup, thank you. I understand DNS configurations, and website troubleshooting, and even some basic code. I do not need someone to walk my hand through the set up and maintenance of a site.

So tell me why, then, have I had to contact your customer service three times in as many days about various issues with your service? A tiny little website like ours should not be getting 405, 403, and 404 errors every five minutes. And I haven't even mentioned the hellstorm I had to go through to get a properly re-writable wordpress installed. GoDaddy doesn't do this, and they've hosted our other sites for years. Dreamhost, my personal choice, has NEVER done this to me in the two and a half years I've been with them. Hell, I have never even seen Yahoo!Geocities do this, back when it was still running.

This is pathetic, Network Solutions, and I will never recommend you to anyone.


OK, ranting over with. In other news, I have started yet another project. Yes, yes, I know, please don't kill me. XD; This one will update sporadically and, quite frankly, has no script. I do have an idea where I'm going with it, though. It's more or less an experiment, at this point, in both style and writing. I'm wondering if I can just do this, pulling a story out of my arse, without over worrying myself about the tiny little details. Will it still be interesting?
The project is called Endangered, and it's about a trio of "magics" (that is, otherworldly magical creatures) attempting to survive in a world dead set on exterminating them. In a way, it's a reactionary peace to all of the "child finds out he/she is a part of a magical subculture" kids books which have been popular here lately, in that one of the main characters is an eleven-year-old orphan named Annie (yes, on purpose), who is just finding about what she was born into. But in this world, things are not sunshine and happiness, and good magical times at the expense of those silly, unwitting, and totally helpless "mundanes." Showing your ass to a regular human will get you killed, or severely maimed... as Annie will learn soon enough.

Probably not the most original thing on the planet, but hell--I'm having fun with it. Eventually I might even get to the conversation that sparked it all. XD If I ever get up to ten or so pages, I might make a SmackJeeves for it or something.