27 August 2009 @ 02:14 pm

Look, Mommy, I'm posting!! I keep telling myself to post more on my LJ and it never happens.  What can I say, I lead a boring life.  

Anyway, some updates on the fanfic front:

Super Secret Ficathon Project, Take Two is now semi-complete.  I've sent the rough draft off to Beta #1, but am looking for a second Beta as Ami may not be able to get to it this weekend.  As the project is due the 31st, this is rather pressing. XD If anyone wouldn't mind making it bleed, please say so!

Work in Progress chapter nine is still in the works.  The Ficathon has been distracting me, but now that that is over it's movign to the top of my writing list.  You guys have been waiting too long for that.

Other than that, the other projects are geting worked on whenever I feel inspired on them.  There's a couple outlines that are  being looked at seriously for the BB SM project ( [livejournal.com profile] smbigbang , for those who don't know about it) as well as NaNoWriMo, and just... well. For the fuck of it.  (Am i the only one who has ever randomly gone 1x2x3x4x5xR and thought "That would be seriously fun to write?" Non-GW peeps won't understand this.)  Some of those projects might actually see the light of day, now that I think I know how WiP is going to end.  My guestimations put it at about two to three more chapters.  If you like the Busy People verse, though, don't worry because there are at least two more multi-chapter fics for that verse.


Serious thoughts are moving towards teaching in Japan.  This might actually happen, as I may actually be in a position to do so.  Will talk more on this later, after it's confirmed that I am graduating.

Other than that, is there anyone here who might be interested if I put up commission information here?  I don't want to clog up my journal with that kind of stuff, but I do need to get the word out there a bit more.  Might help if I start artspamming this thing.  Also, will be redoing layout at some point.  Or tweaking it, cause this piece of shoddy work up right now is wearing thin.  Any suggestions?


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20 July 2009 @ 10:28 am

So BTHE (also known as "Super Secret Ficathon Thingie") is finished and in beta-reading mode.  Lovely Lovely Ami is helping me with this, but I might need at least one more beta to make sure every thing was caught.  Any takers?  It's Sailor Moon, focus on the shittennou.

I think I might write another one for the 'thon, since I have a good amount of time left and several plot bunnies gnawing on my feet.  This might put WiP and MiN a bit on the back burner (as if MiN hasn't been simmering there for months, again.) but as both casts are now sitting in corners demanding various pastries before they continue, I don't think that's much of an issue. They seem to have gotten the idea that I cook.  I'm not really sure where this notion came from, but it's turning into quite a dellima.  Thankfully the 'thon cast are all too crazy to be aware of what the other muses are doing, otherwise I might have had a... much larger rebellion on my hands.

*shakes fist*

In other news, the NaNoRiMo project has changed itself again.  This time I'm returning to something started about seven years ago which never got written down (But has been living in my and my best friend's head). It's about damn time, i says.