27 June 2011 @ 09:23 pm

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29 November 2010 @ 10:51 am
Title: The Price You Pay
Prompt (Bridget's Flame): Lie to Me
Prompt (OrigFic Bingo): Slavery
Word Count: 550
Verse: Endangered
Warnings: None
Characters: Osías
Summary: A delivery on a rainy night.

Rain splattered freely upon the windshield... )

Title: Love and War
Prompt (Bridget's Flame): Lover
Prompt (OrigFic Bingo): Torture
Word Count: 600
Verse: Tick,Tock (Stand alone)
Warnings: None
Characters: Lindsey
Summary: Sometimes revenge is worth its cost.

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Title: The Importance of Being Literate
Prompt (Bridget's Flame): Henchman
Prompt (OrigFic Bingo): Candles
Word Count: 1000
Verse: Tick,Tock (Stand alone)
Warnings: None
Characters: Lindsey, Anpu, Haqikah
Summary:  A good assistant is hard to find.  More-so when one is a dead man.

The smoke of a thousand beeswax candles... )


05 October 2010 @ 12:01 pm
Title:  A Glimpse of Death
Prompt (OrigFic Bingo): Family (Meeting Extended Family)
Word Count: 450
Verse: Tick,Tock (You don't need to read the others to understand it, though.)
Warnings: none
Summary:  At a funeral, Sarah runs into a familiar stranger.
Characters: Sarah (whom I didn't expect to make a return), & Lindsey (unnamed in this)

This is your cousin, thrice removed )

04 October 2010 @ 11:27 am
Title:  Martyrs, you mean
Prompt (Bridget's Flame): Hero
Prompt (OrigFic Bingo): Accidents
Word Count: 740
Verse: Tick,Tock (You don't need to read the others to understand it, though.)
Warnings: horrific traffic accident with glossed over carnage. IDK if that's enough to trigger anyone... Also, this is quite unedited. I may go back and edit a little later this evening. XD I'm just putting it up now or I'll forget later.
Characters: Lindsey (unnamed in this)

She stared down at the flaming wreck spewed across HWY 9... )

01 October 2010 @ 09:53 am

AnniversaryDay-in-the-LifeHolding HandsSlaveryFamily (meeting extended family)
Date (first)HazingSunset StrollRomantic DinnerAdventures
PetsGender SwapWild CardStranded / Survival ScenarioMassage
TortureCandlesEpistolatory Fic (Emails, Letters, etc.)Journeys and QuestsAccidents

AU: Affiliation Switch
Illness (Major or Minor)DarkficMary Sue (or Marty Stu)Family (Learning of an Unexpected Relative)

20 August 2010 @ 03:13 pm
Ommmggggg... I could rant for hours about the fact that sentence structure is a pain in my arse, but I won't.  Instead I'm just going to sit here and laud Sandy as being a hero, and my savior, and just... awesome shit. Seriously, praise her.   So here's a run down of the conlang shit I've been doing this week for Hurstikan.  This is still very much a work in progress, but if any of the conlangers/lang-peeps want to go point out "HAY UR DOIN IT WRONG" about something, please do.  I've already managed to completely miscomprehend Nominative case.  XD
A very long post about fictional grammar )

Also, why did I not have a conlang tag before now? utter failure.
03 August 2010 @ 01:01 pm
Verse:  Wind Spirits (though not a part of that same story)
Group: Brigit's Flame  -  August
Prompt: Coast
Characters:  Edwin, Elkros, Yfin
Genre:  high fantasy
Word Count: 2200 w. approx.
Summary:  Accompanying Lady Yfin on her ambassadorial mission to Kotin, Edwin Malkurn gets his first look at the legendary trade city of the Ama, as well as its people.

Nestled amongst the emerald jungles of southern Kathos... )

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