08 December 2010 @ 11:25 am
You’re in a gap that can’t be filled with the usual stuff. Recent changes have put you in a place you’ve never been in before. Don’t go crazy overanalyzing your deficiencies and do your best to love yourself through this transition. At this point many of you are in one of those dark nights of the soul that transforms your understanding of yourself forever. If it seems as if you’ve had to give up everything, or if you have some sense that there’s no way out, you haven’t lived long enough to know that it is only in darkness that we really learn to see. Try to see the light in this.
~Cal Garrison

18 November 2010 @ 09:34 am
You can’t allow yourself to get too upset about this. It’s a tough lesson for sure but it’s not as bad as it looks. If you had a wide angle lens you’d be able to see around the corner and know that all of this is serving a purpose that will ultimately bring you exactly where you want to be. Don’t let others and their changeable ways disrupt your sense of composure and clarity. No matter how vulnerable you feel, broadcasting from a position of strength will do more to further your interests than caving into the thought that you’re out of control, or in doubt about what you want.
~Cal Garrison

... Ok, this one is so accurate that I'm actually a little scared. I know there's probably a lot of predictable-guessing in this, but damn. Damn.
27 October 2010 @ 11:50 am
You’re in a tough spot. You are acutely aware that you can get this to work if you play it right – but everything depends on how others react. When someone’s in a volatile mood or just about ready to do anything, it never pays to incite them with challenges, or arguments, or anything but pure unconditional love. At the same time, there’s always a chance that they need someone to step in and take charge; you never know. This is one of those times when you have no way of knowing what will work. Have faith that things will work better if you love them through this.
~Cal Garrison

22 October 2010 @ 10:27 am
You may not know what to do next but at least you’re aware that something needs to change. Reviewing the last few months, let me remind you that nothing has been easy. The reason you’re obsessed with moving on to anything but this is because you’ve had to give up everything just to hang in there and do it. Give yourself a few more months to consider the uses of adversity and don’t try to change directions until you know for sure that you can’t get any satisfaction out of this. Bold moves won’t work now. Keep your nose to the grindstone and wait.
~ Cal Garrison

Sound advice. Should I take it?

I can't believe I'm trusting a horoscope.. XD

14 October 2010 @ 10:18 am
Your efforts to be prepared have gotten bollixed up by random forms of interference. With no time to steady your plans you find yourself torn between pressure to do a good job and the demands of close others who seem to need you more than anything. Too much to handle isn’t the word for it. If you’re worried about how you’re going to look when you show up without a script, you can trust the fact that everything that’s interfering with your prep work is actually part of it. Spend less time worrying and more time paying attention to the lesson.
Cal Garrison

First time I read her in months and she nails it. Stop trying to make me a believer.
05 August 2010 @ 12:14 pm
Yesterday I began an initiative to un-gold Tarnish. This ended up involving more brush cleaner than I care to admit, a rather large glass container, and about ten hours of soaking.  It's unfortunate that she had to be blanked, but at this point she's staining all her clothes, the chipping at her joints is disastrous, and I cannot find a gold touch-up paint that matches. 

I thought that i might still put her glow-in-the-dark highlights back on after the blanking, but now that they've proven to be a bitch and a half to remove I'm having other thoughts. 

She's pretty much white-skinned.  I say "pretty much," as the gold may have stained her a little off-white.  It's too early to tell, as she needs another round with a fresh batch of brush cleaner (she turned what she was soaking in, into opaque gold soup) and a clean scrub brush before I'll be able to tell, but right now it's the difference between egg-shell and yellow-white.  Then again, maybe she's originally DZ yellow-skin.  It's difficult to say.

Either way, I've pretty much made up my mind to go Dios De Los Muertos on  her, at least through Halloween.  Here are my inspiration pictures:

large images under cut )

The top most is the one I want to copy the style of the most.  Not the markings, per se, but I am planning on making the headdress and head-cloth-thing.  I'd also like to do a pretty, though simple, skirt and top.  If I can talk a friend into helping with her sewing experience. 

Beyond the clothes and face-mask, though, I plan to do a full-body skeletal "tattoo" on the girl. It'll be a black skeleton on white skin, sure, but still there.  I want to try and get it as anatomically correct as possible, thus the anatomy books are going to be drug back out of storage.  We'll see how well this goes, and how long it lasts.  

Right now, I think the tattoos will mainly be on  her front and backside; I'm wondering if i can't somehow work in a way to do the side-view of the spinal column in a way that actually makes sense.  Will report back with findings.

Also wondering: do they make faux flowers that small which actually resemble real flowers?


The sunny side of life has a few clouds forming, over in the corner where work and your deeper yearnings aren’t seeing eye to eye. As much as you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, you’re beginning to see that this could be the beginning of the end as far as the road to mediocrity is concerned. These things hit us in cycles. At those points a choice has to made between the prescription we’ve been given and whatever it is that gets us going. If you think it’s time to settle into something permanent, give yourself a chance to reconsider your dreams.
~Cal Garrison
28 July 2010 @ 09:47 am
Two days in a row. Fun.

The Kid has been throwing parties again. 

This time, his mother knows about them. Which is, I suppose, an improvement of sorts.  It does not stop the fact that she's allowing him to throw these backyard "raves" on weeknights.  Nor does it negate that she's allowing her fourteen-year-old to have over twenty-something-year-old "friends" with alcohol involved.  I suppose I can understand the  "he's going to do it anyway, it may as well go on under my roof" philosophy. Except that that philosophy should be tempered with "under supervision," of which there was none.  Save the drunk twenty-somethings. Because they're good examples.

Apparently, I am also the only person in the house who has a problem with this.  I wouldn't, actually, if they didn't sit outside my bedroom door yammering at two-thirty in the gorram morning.  Once was a simple mistake. This time, I said something.  When I get home from work, I'm taking it up with him and his mother again, in a more reasonable fashion.

I really don't mind this going on during the weekends, but good gods, I have to work during the week. =.=


The things that make you unique have more to do with the way you respond to life than they do with whatever you’re doing outwardly. You may not realize it but it’s your feelings and your ability to care that generates every bit of goodness that comes to you. Knowing this may make it easier for you to understand that you will only feel qualified for what you’re about to take on when you erase any thought that says you might not be good enough. The extent to which you are able to recognize and value your self will be what determines how things go from here.
~Cal Garrison

...and we're back to creepily reassuring. o.O
21 July 2010 @ 02:18 pm
So for the most part, I think I finished this sucker. I'm still working the kinks out a bit, but I like it and plan to stick with this layout for a good while.  Hopefully it isn't a total eye-sore. (The background might be right now, but I'm working on changing that up.) Also considering putting some kind of rose-vine separating images around the layout, between the entries/comments, etc.  I feel the whole thing has kind of a vintage-y look that I'd like to capitalize on.  Now I just need some vintage SM icons. ;D

Though if anyone can figure out where that frakkin border around the reply form is coming from (the 1px black one), I would be much obliged.

Oh, and some real division elements for posts...


There’s a difference between being nice and being weak. Over-kindness can get you into all kinds of trouble. It looks to me like you’re in one of those situations where someone got the wrong impression. In their mind you are now the nicest person in the world. If you thought you had to play that role to get them to leave you alone, it had the opposite effect. Now you’re at the mercy of needing to show them your true and total self. All you have to do is let them know that you’re going through an identity crisis; and the real you isn’t half as nice as the one they’ve met.
~Cal Garrison


WRITING MEME: DAY EIGHT-- What's your favorite genre to write? To read?

Sci-fi/fantasy on both accounts, though I stray a little every so often.  ... yeah, that's it.

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25 June 2010 @ 09:54 am
You aren’t as enthusiastic about this as others expect you to be. After what you’ve been through is it any wonder that you’re a little leery, or even paranoid about what might come out of it? We are told that the past dictates the future but if that is the case, we’d all be living through reruns of every mistake we ever made. Don’t make the mistake of using the rear view mirror to figure out what will happen next. Whether you know it or not, what you’re about to embark on will be your reward for all the BS you’ve had to plow through to get here!
- Cal Garrison

Regardless of whether or not it's true, that's exactly what I needed to hear right now.


Dear Brain,

Where exactly do you get off mixing Freddie Kruger and Resident Evil?

No Love,
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