01 December 2010 @ 09:43 am
The best you can do is stay centered. Too many things are whipping you around for you to think that any of them will remain permanent or constant. This is not just about people; it’s about places and things. And it’s also about; what are you really after and what can you do about it now? If anything, the last few months have shown you how much you’ve gotten caught up in other people’s energy as well as their problems. Minus all of that what would your life be like? Don’t over respond to these changes. Step back and let them rearrange your perspective.
~Cal Garrison


It's the first of December. This means that I have twenty-five days to finish my Gift List, commissions, and the first chapter of Wind Spirits. Hooooboy. But I brought this on myself, really. I don't want to have to set Wind Spirits' release back further, but I'd rather that than push it up without at least ten-fifteen pages done.

Right now, five are inked. Of those, two are coloured. I have eleven penciled, and several more thumb-nailed. And I'm a little stuck on the rewrite of CH3. It's a tough point to get through. I can do this, though, right? Stupid question, please don't beat me. XD

Despite all of that, I'm starting to jones for a new layout again. This time I kind of want to make art for it. Endangered, Wind Spirits, or fanart? I'm kind of leaning toward Endangered--mostly as Wind Spirits is hard to get around the naked portion, and I'm not sure how that would look to people who don't know... Ok. I'm very aware of how that would look to those who don't know about WS. Despite everything, appearances do matter for some things.

For those of you waiting on my fanfics: I'm sorry. Odds are that nothing but tiny one-shots are going to be coming out of me all month; possibly longer. I just have too much to work on, and if I stop to do that, it really is a waste of time. Of course, if anyone likes my fanwork they've probably come to realize, by now, just how ungodly slow I am at producing anything. XD

In other news, I'm back on my Seatbelts kick.


Christmas Gift List 2010

Mom & Dad - Abstract painting, sketch completed. Want painting of dogs. References compiled.
Nana & Grandpa - Abstract painting, sketch completed
The Girl - Something gay (no, really.)
Ami - Tier artwork - no progress
Sandy - in progress - sketching.
Kim - Art of Kor; no progress
D - no frippin clue, also b-day present
Rick - bug mother for possibility
Super Secret Thing - Painting in progress
Endangered Christmas Pic - ditto

Rose - Sketch being fixed
Kane - Sketch being fixed
Sandy - Not yet started

Endangered - Page 4 in progress
Wind Spirits - CH1 at some stage of production