15 December 2010 @ 12:34 pm
Having the strength to say ‘no’ to someone who keeps expecting way too much isn’t something you’re ready to do. Everyone keeps telling you to take a different approach to this situation. To keep it simple; if too much love and an over concern for the welfare of someone close is what led them to keep exploiting your goodness, why in God’s name do you keep it up? You’ve got so many better things to do. Letting go of whatever this is really about will take time; and you’re such a sentimental person, it could be over a year before you’re ready to move on with your life.
~Cal Garrison
08 December 2010 @ 11:25 am
You’re in a gap that can’t be filled with the usual stuff. Recent changes have put you in a place you’ve never been in before. Don’t go crazy overanalyzing your deficiencies and do your best to love yourself through this transition. At this point many of you are in one of those dark nights of the soul that transforms your understanding of yourself forever. If it seems as if you’ve had to give up everything, or if you have some sense that there’s no way out, you haven’t lived long enough to know that it is only in darkness that we really learn to see. Try to see the light in this.
~Cal Garrison

01 December 2010 @ 09:43 am
The best you can do is stay centered. Too many things are whipping you around for you to think that any of them will remain permanent or constant. This is not just about people; it’s about places and things. And it’s also about; what are you really after and what can you do about it now? If anything, the last few months have shown you how much you’ve gotten caught up in other people’s energy as well as their problems. Minus all of that what would your life be like? Don’t over respond to these changes. Step back and let them rearrange your perspective.
~Cal Garrison


It's the first of December. This means that I have twenty-five days to finish my Gift List, commissions, and the first chapter of Wind Spirits. Hooooboy. But I brought this on myself, really. I don't want to have to set Wind Spirits' release back further, but I'd rather that than push it up without at least ten-fifteen pages done.

Right now, five are inked. Of those, two are coloured. I have eleven penciled, and several more thumb-nailed. And I'm a little stuck on the rewrite of CH3. It's a tough point to get through. I can do this, though, right? Stupid question, please don't beat me. XD

Despite all of that, I'm starting to jones for a new layout again. This time I kind of want to make art for it. Endangered, Wind Spirits, or fanart? I'm kind of leaning toward Endangered--mostly as Wind Spirits is hard to get around the naked portion, and I'm not sure how that would look to people who don't know... Ok. I'm very aware of how that would look to those who don't know about WS. Despite everything, appearances do matter for some things.

For those of you waiting on my fanfics: I'm sorry. Odds are that nothing but tiny one-shots are going to be coming out of me all month; possibly longer. I just have too much to work on, and if I stop to do that, it really is a waste of time. Of course, if anyone likes my fanwork they've probably come to realize, by now, just how ungodly slow I am at producing anything. XD

In other news, I'm back on my Seatbelts kick.


Christmas Gift List 2010

Mom & Dad - Abstract painting, sketch completed. Want painting of dogs. References compiled.
Nana & Grandpa - Abstract painting, sketch completed
The Girl - Something gay (no, really.)
Ami - Tier artwork - no progress
Sandy - in progress - sketching.
Kim - Art of Kor; no progress
D - no frippin clue, also b-day present
Rick - bug mother for possibility
Super Secret Thing - Painting in progress
Endangered Christmas Pic - ditto

Rose - Sketch being fixed
Kane - Sketch being fixed
Sandy - Not yet started

Endangered - Page 4 in progress
Wind Spirits - CH1 at some stage of production

18 November 2010 @ 09:34 am
You can’t allow yourself to get too upset about this. It’s a tough lesson for sure but it’s not as bad as it looks. If you had a wide angle lens you’d be able to see around the corner and know that all of this is serving a purpose that will ultimately bring you exactly where you want to be. Don’t let others and their changeable ways disrupt your sense of composure and clarity. No matter how vulnerable you feel, broadcasting from a position of strength will do more to further your interests than caving into the thought that you’re out of control, or in doubt about what you want.
~Cal Garrison

... Ok, this one is so accurate that I'm actually a little scared. I know there's probably a lot of predictable-guessing in this, but damn. Damn.
11 November 2010 @ 09:54 am
Heavy duty lessons and levels of emotional intensity, along with ‘should I stay or should I go’ scenarios, and reminders of people who have up and left; any and all of things are what’s on top of the stack at the moment. You know for sure that you’ll make it through this, but right now you’re feeling like it would be great if someone or something would come to the rescue. If I told you that this too shall pass would it help? Beyond that, it looks to me like this isn’t over yet. Don’t succumb to despair. If you play your cards right your deepest wish will come true.
~Cal Garrison

Once again, this woman delivers the advice I needed exactly when and why I needed it. What the frick.


Page nine of WS still isn't done. Why? Because I am an over-ambitious idiot who insists on attempting to draw detailed backgrounds with complicated perspectives. And did I mention horses? A freaking lot of horses. Next time I insist on pairing a tribal culture with a whole herd of the damned things, please shoot me.

That being said, I am actually pretty proud of myself for this.  The scripting is coming along well, though I would like a second opinion on it (my beta is awesomely awesome, but I'm a firm believer in multiple sets of eyes) as my beta-the-second has given up her position due to RL issues.  If anyone on my FL has some free time and wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it.  Totally willing to trade beta-ing, or possibly art sketches (though please understand there's a wait on the latter.  Standing commissions and all that jazz).

I'm considering switching over to Let It Be next week, as a bit of a "break," though I really need to be working on Endangered as well. LiB is only six pages, though, so in a week I could have a complete short story. Either way, I think that will be done by mid December. 

Back on Wind Spirits, though, I've decided to give myself a firm deadline of January 1st, no matter what. That day, the site is launching officially, and the first seven pages are going to be released, at the very least.  This gives me a little under two months to finish the first chapter, and retool the website. Considering what I've proven I can get done when I have a short deadline, I think that's doable.  But this involves some other considerations, like promotion posters and banner ads.  I've been reading over articles on marketing, and... well that's what I do at work, but I'm still not sure what my best bet on marketing for an article would be.  Especially when it comes to social networks.

I've been told that StumbleUpon works very well for some people.  I recently joined up and took a look around it, and it does seem as though it could work--but in order for it to pick up initial momentum, several people have to "stumble" your website, not just one. So, question number one to cyberspace, how many people use Stumble, here? How many people actively "like" websites on StumbleUpon?

Then there's the ever-popular facebook.  Some webcomics have success in making something called "fanpages" for their comics, and tend to generate some mild traffic from that. I know I have friends on FB, though I don't currently use it myself.  Is this a feature that, hypothetically , you would use?

Aside from that, though, all I've heard is mixed results.  Twitter works for some crowds, it doesn't for others.  Advertisement programs, like Project Wonderful, work for things, and not for others. As those programs are usually paid, I'm not sure how viable that option really is at the moment.  Are there any social sites that I haven't heard about, which you use? 

And I think that's enough rambling from me for now. XD I have got to get better at this whole... article writing jazz.


27 October 2010 @ 11:50 am
You’re in a tough spot. You are acutely aware that you can get this to work if you play it right – but everything depends on how others react. When someone’s in a volatile mood or just about ready to do anything, it never pays to incite them with challenges, or arguments, or anything but pure unconditional love. At the same time, there’s always a chance that they need someone to step in and take charge; you never know. This is one of those times when you have no way of knowing what will work. Have faith that things will work better if you love them through this.
~Cal Garrison

22 October 2010 @ 10:27 am
You may not know what to do next but at least you’re aware that something needs to change. Reviewing the last few months, let me remind you that nothing has been easy. The reason you’re obsessed with moving on to anything but this is because you’ve had to give up everything just to hang in there and do it. Give yourself a few more months to consider the uses of adversity and don’t try to change directions until you know for sure that you can’t get any satisfaction out of this. Bold moves won’t work now. Keep your nose to the grindstone and wait.
~ Cal Garrison

Sound advice. Should I take it?

I can't believe I'm trusting a horoscope.. XD

14 October 2010 @ 10:18 am
Your efforts to be prepared have gotten bollixed up by random forms of interference. With no time to steady your plans you find yourself torn between pressure to do a good job and the demands of close others who seem to need you more than anything. Too much to handle isn’t the word for it. If you’re worried about how you’re going to look when you show up without a script, you can trust the fact that everything that’s interfering with your prep work is actually part of it. Spend less time worrying and more time paying attention to the lesson.
Cal Garrison

First time I read her in months and she nails it. Stop trying to make me a believer.
This week, I have actually been sleeping.  Yes, that is strange for me. 

Rambling about sleeping schedules and Wacom tablets )

I'm still pressing for a December/January release of the comic... though a part of me is screaming that that's going to fly by sooner than I think.  We'll see, brain. We'll see.

Also, thank you to D for linking me this song. It is appropriate:


Mixed feelings have made it hard to know how to handle this situation. Part of you is ready to overlook the problem, and the rest of you thinks that you need to do something about it. It’s not clear what actually needs to happen, but it appears as if it’s one of those things that will resolve itself better if you stop trying to correct it. Some things work themselves out. This situation is not anything you can control. If the idea of doing something about it is more appealing to you, the best you can do is keep abreast of your own issues and make sure you’re on top of yourself.
~Cal Garrison

12 August 2010 @ 01:11 pm
Last night I managed to finish chapter six in the WS script.  This brings the total number of pages, thus far, to 162. Oh. My. Damn.  Biting off  more than I can reasonably chew has always been a strong point of mine, but this I liken to stuffing an entire whopper (the sandwich) into my mouth at once.  I am not giving up, but I am a little loopy over the prospect.

The hell with it, though, I'm a fat kid. I can take it.

I keep getting pseudo-ideas for Ficathon, which I still haven't signed up for since I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to write anything. The plot bunnies have abandoned me, I fear.  Maybe I should get some carrots. Or strawberries. 

So, onto chapter seven of WS, and continuing to the write fanfics which I keep promising and never actually delivering.  Now that I have all my art commissions out of the way, I can focus on these sans guilt.  Which is rather sad, as I love doing commissions, but I wasn't giving either thing the attention it deserves and thus cutting one out is only to for the good of the other. ... In actual English, that means I won't be taking commissions for awhile. Not, at least, until I get myself back up-to-speed on the art front.  There was a day, believe it or not, when I could shoot out an entire piece in a few hours.  Getting back to that speed is my new goal.

I love lists. If you're on my F-list, you have come to know this.  Or maybe you don't. But I do.

Long lists, short lists, red lists, blue lists... Lists of all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. This is Listography.  See me squee. 


Stop judging me.


Issues that revolve around ‘what’s up with Mom?’ are on top of the stack for many of you. Somehow or other the maternal imprint is showing up in all of your relationships. If on some symbolic level you’ve wound up living with a facsimile of your mother, it’s time to look at why you put them there and what you’re getting out of it. In some instances, many of you are looking at your care giving trips; and for others, ‘kids’ are a big deal right now. Underneath it all, all this comes down to is you needing to review the ways in which you dispense and receive nurturance.
~Cal Garrison


P.S. LJ needs icon stats. Badly.