26 January 2010 @ 11:34 pm
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22 October 2009 @ 04:13 pm
So I'm pretty sure that my office is haunted.  

Ok, well maybe not, but something weird is definitely going on.  Our company encompasses two warehouses in a chain of warehouse buildings.  They're right next to one another, and we've cut a door in the wall between them so that the workers can pass through without having to outside.   Now, each warehouse suite in the whole building unit has it's own warehouse area and office area.  Since we have a corner lot and the one directly to it's right, this poses an interesting set up:  we have two office areas, but they're across the warehouse from one another.  Each office area has a few different office rooms of it's own, and most of our desk employees have their own office.

I hope that was clear.  XD Anyway, point is I work in what we call the "Back Offices."  There's only two people who work back here.  Myself, and Boss Lady (who is the second in command of the company, but I have no idea what real "title" you'd give her.)   Now, Boss Lady has been in the Front office most of the past two weeks since our office manager quit, doing his job.  This leaves me alone in the Back Offices with the two office cats.

Well. "Alone."

Hardly anyone comes back here if they don't have to.  The only reason they would have to come back here, at least right now, is if they're looking for me.  The door to the office area is locked anytime we're not in it, therefore there's no possibility of someone poking their nose about where they shouldn't.  But someone is turning off my light.

To explain, I occassionally have to run across the warehouse to the Front office for this, that or the other.  Sometimes, if I think I'll be gone for a long time, I'll turn the light in my office off and shut the door.  This requires thought, though, and I'll often double back to do it--I don't just walk out the door and turn the lights off automatically.  Most of the time, I leave it on because I'll be back in a few moments.

But, more and more often, I'm finding that I leave the office with the light on, and return to find the light off.  It isn't just the lights dimming or being weird, either, the switch has always been flipped.   It isn't scary, or annoying, just... weird.

Also, I apparently have a new nickname now.  "Grasshopper."
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