01 January 2009 @ 04:56 pm
As the title says: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

whooooo... this has definitely been an interesting year, not always in the best of ways. BUT, I must say that it ended on a good note and for that I'm grateful. ^_^

This year's list:

Books I Will Read by the end of the Year:

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, +  sequels
The Count of Monte Cristo (Re-read, its been years)
10th Kingdom

Writing I Will Have Done by the end of the Year:

Finish the script for at least one of my stories
Get five chapters of MIN written
Finish at least seven drabbles for SM_Monthly
Write at least three Fic Challenge fanfics

Art Projects I Will Complete by the end of the Year:

At least...

Seven pages of a sequential story
One traditional painting
One digital painting
One finished piece of fan art
Three fully finished pieces of poster art for the OCs

I Will in this Year...:

Finish all of my classes with at least a B
Memorize at least five hundred words of Japanese vocabulary, written and spoken

Current Mood: artistic