26 June 2012 @ 10:26 am
I kind of disappeared from LJ...it happens.  Tumblr moves a lot more quickly and my life's been kind of weird the past several months.  So here's a quick rundown:

I got fired around mid-to-late February.   There were a lot of feelings surrounding this, the largest of which was embarrassment.  It's never easy to admit these things and I spent about a week hyperventilating about what the fuck I was going to do.   Then I got taken on full time at the second job and have since earned a raise that's put me back into stability.  I still have a lot of mixed feelings about that last job, though I definitely do not miss it.  Mainly because I feel like I was fired as a scapegoat for my supervisor's BS. 

But that's reopening an old wound and let's not, shall we?

The "new" job can be tedious at times (what job can't?), but is mostly just awesome.  I really get to flex my artistic muscles besides doing web based stuff.  And the Commander likes my work enough that most of the time it remains reasonably intact (as opposed to ex-Lady Boss ripping everything to shreds for no good reason. Like forcing me to put Comic Sans on everything).  Even when it doesn't, I understand her reasoning as to why. 

The only draw back to this is that it leaves me creatively drained come quitting time.  Most evenings I don't want to do a damn thing except talk to friends and game a bit...so that's what I've been doing.  XD Not the best response ever.  And addictive.

Most recently I acquired a new kitten, named Sillabub:


That's another awesome thing about the job:  we can bring our pets to work.  She still not too crazy about her carrier, but it's getting better.  Next on the list is leash training.

Also: if there's anyone in the SouthEast Texas / SouthWest Louisiana area who wants a kitten my sister still has four she's trying to find homes for. Most of them are grey / tan, though.

So...yeah.  That about sums it up.  Job change, kitten, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.   XD I'll try to get back to posting more regularly.

05 January 2012 @ 11:26 am
  • Cut red meat from my diet.
  • More original work, less fandom bullshit.
  • Finish a novel, I don't care which one.
  • Get through Chapter 3 of Wind Spirits.

27 September 2011 @ 10:49 am
This Sweet Madness
                Besot by demons of the past, the reincarnated Shitennou find themselves torn between the memories of what was, and their new realities. They gravitate toward one another in an effort to find a stable balance as the world begins to crumble around them.
Rating: R
Status: Complete
WC: 70k
Warnings:  dark themes are touched upon, including mental disorder, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, death and murder.
1Behind Blue EyesZoe
2It Doesn't MatterJun
3Runaway TrainNicholas
4Watched You FallKeanu
5There for YouZoe
6Set Fire to the RainJun
7Look at Those EyesNicholas
8No More (part 1, part 2)Keanu
9For Whom The Bell TollsEpilogue

Viva La Vida
                When a set of old faces reappear in their lives, the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask struggle to decide whether these persons are friend or foe as they begin to realize that what they believe of the past may not be true at all.
Rating: R
Status: Complete
WC: 6k
Warnings:  dark themes are touched upon, including mental disorder, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, death and murder.

This Glorious Sadness
                The Shitennou live, reborn to new lives but haunted by demons of the past.  Their task is simple: they must cleanse the Earth of the Moon Princess's taint.
Rating: R
Status: Ongoing
WC: 28,500 w @ current
Warnings:  dark themes are touched upon, including mental disorder, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, death and murder.

1After the Storm (part 1)(part 2)Keanu
2Thistle and Weeds (part 1)(part 2)Nicholas
*Intermission - Shake it OutMakoto

05 July 2011 @ 10:18 am
Since I was a babbling mess of nerves before the con, I figured I'd reassure everyone that I'm still a babbling mess of nerves after it.   Delta H Con was a bust, financially, and I'm beginning to understand why it's getting a negative reputation.  Which is sad as it has a lot of potential. 

DHC has taken place at the University of Houston (UoH) for the past four years.  From what I understand, it had rather rough beginnings that have simply not been ironed out.  It's major issue seems to be that it thinks it's larger than it is.  There's been a long-running suggestion that the con needs to be a one-day event, and I have to say that I agree.  Based upon attendance and the singular ability for all the con's events to fall flat on their proverbial faces, it just doesn't have the strength to run a full three days.  The management seems to disagree.

What really stood out to me in the first five minutes was the utter lack of organization.  I arrived and parked at the university Hilton, and wandered around until I figured out where the student center was located.  After managing to find someone to direct me up to registration on the second floor, I stood around for a good ten minutes listening to the con staff bicker before they finally acknowledged me.  I told them I needed to sign in to the artist alley and get set up.  What should have happened was me signing in and picking up my badge.  Instead, they had a short consultation amongst five or six of them about "Where is the AA again?," finally figured it out, and then sent me on a journey three stories down (underground), through a tunnel, around a lobby, and into another hallway where the artist alley was hidden away inside the Maid Cafe.  There were a couple of other panel rooms down there as well, but the main con was half a building away.

Eventually someone brought me my badge, and the con president wondered why so many artists hadn't signed in when they'd gotten there. She didn't seem to understand when I pointed out that her staff had less idea of what to do than most of the guests. 

Though the con was supposed to start at three, set up continued at least until around six pm.  Not that it mattered, as there were maybe five guests that found the AA in that time.  Maybe. 

The University didn't help, either, as they took down any sign that the con attempted to put up.  Because no signs were allowed, most people had little idea where the panel rooms or the AA was.  Many didn't even realize that either existed (by their own admission, when one of the artists tried to go find people and point them in the right direction).  By 10pm on Saturday, the AA had seen around sixty or seventy people, total.  I managed to make back the cost of the table and decided that Sunday wasn't worth bothering with.

This isn't to say that the con was a complete disaster, but I did find that most of the fun had was in spite the con staff.  Come late Saturday evening, guests had pretty much petered out and some of we artists, vendors, and security staff all sat around in a corner to chat, cut up, and have a grand old time.  Afterward, we all packed up and several of us went up to the late night "rave" in the main event room.

It was fun for a while, though the DJ was insistent upon blowing his tweeter.  Unfortunately, he was also very skilled at picking out great music, only to cut the song short just as everyone began to enjoy themselves.  He'd then switch in something completely un-danceable.  After several instances of this, all the dancers left in a huff.  We sat out in the lobby outside and talked some more, while the DJ kept trucking on terribly.

None of the con staff seemed to understand, or wanted to understand, what the problem was--though they asked us.  They seemed to live in a state of perpetual confusion, and utter refusal to listen to any ideas or suggestions that were not their own.  Taking all of this into account, I have to say that unless someone I trust implicitly gives me indication that it's turned around in the next few years, I'm never going back to this con as an artist or otherwise.  I'll be pretty surprised if it lasts a fifth run. 

11 November 2010 @ 09:54 am
Heavy duty lessons and levels of emotional intensity, along with ‘should I stay or should I go’ scenarios, and reminders of people who have up and left; any and all of things are what’s on top of the stack at the moment. You know for sure that you’ll make it through this, but right now you’re feeling like it would be great if someone or something would come to the rescue. If I told you that this too shall pass would it help? Beyond that, it looks to me like this isn’t over yet. Don’t succumb to despair. If you play your cards right your deepest wish will come true.
~Cal Garrison

Once again, this woman delivers the advice I needed exactly when and why I needed it. What the frick.


Page nine of WS still isn't done. Why? Because I am an over-ambitious idiot who insists on attempting to draw detailed backgrounds with complicated perspectives. And did I mention horses? A freaking lot of horses. Next time I insist on pairing a tribal culture with a whole herd of the damned things, please shoot me.

That being said, I am actually pretty proud of myself for this.  The scripting is coming along well, though I would like a second opinion on it (my beta is awesomely awesome, but I'm a firm believer in multiple sets of eyes) as my beta-the-second has given up her position due to RL issues.  If anyone on my FL has some free time and wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it.  Totally willing to trade beta-ing, or possibly art sketches (though please understand there's a wait on the latter.  Standing commissions and all that jazz).

I'm considering switching over to Let It Be next week, as a bit of a "break," though I really need to be working on Endangered as well. LiB is only six pages, though, so in a week I could have a complete short story. Either way, I think that will be done by mid December. 

Back on Wind Spirits, though, I've decided to give myself a firm deadline of January 1st, no matter what. That day, the site is launching officially, and the first seven pages are going to be released, at the very least.  This gives me a little under two months to finish the first chapter, and retool the website. Considering what I've proven I can get done when I have a short deadline, I think that's doable.  But this involves some other considerations, like promotion posters and banner ads.  I've been reading over articles on marketing, and... well that's what I do at work, but I'm still not sure what my best bet on marketing for an article would be.  Especially when it comes to social networks.

I've been told that StumbleUpon works very well for some people.  I recently joined up and took a look around it, and it does seem as though it could work--but in order for it to pick up initial momentum, several people have to "stumble" your website, not just one. So, question number one to cyberspace, how many people use Stumble, here? How many people actively "like" websites on StumbleUpon?

Then there's the ever-popular facebook.  Some webcomics have success in making something called "fanpages" for their comics, and tend to generate some mild traffic from that. I know I have friends on FB, though I don't currently use it myself.  Is this a feature that, hypothetically , you would use?

Aside from that, though, all I've heard is mixed results.  Twitter works for some crowds, it doesn't for others.  Advertisement programs, like Project Wonderful, work for things, and not for others. As those programs are usually paid, I'm not sure how viable that option really is at the moment.  Are there any social sites that I haven't heard about, which you use? 

And I think that's enough rambling from me for now. XD I have got to get better at this whole... article writing jazz.


07 October 2010 @ 09:46 am
After much debating with myself, I realized that I really do need to open commissions again... and in a much less confusing manner. Since I've begun Job #2 my drawing has been picking up in speed again, so I don't think there's any more risk of delays. Anyway, I'll be taking commissions in a queue of five -- if/when the slots fill up, I'll close, and then open them again when I'm done with all five. If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to knock out that much over a weekend.

Some Examples:

Links go to my deviantArt page

Pricing Info )

1.  Rose
2.  Lincard

Questions? Comments? Post away!


01 September 2010 @ 02:41 pm
Following shenanigans regarding LJ's views on users' privacy, not to mention the incredible difficult presented in posting up even this short news, I've managed to wrangle myself a Dreamwidth account. I'm not going to say I'm officially moving there, never to return... but I am going to be cross-posting and testing both sites against one another.

Also, if anyone wants a code to that site (you have to have one to register) I'll see if I can get some.
20 August 2010 @ 03:13 pm
Ommmggggg... I could rant for hours about the fact that sentence structure is a pain in my arse, but I won't.  Instead I'm just going to sit here and laud Sandy as being a hero, and my savior, and just... awesome shit. Seriously, praise her.   So here's a run down of the conlang shit I've been doing this week for Hurstikan.  This is still very much a work in progress, but if any of the conlangers/lang-peeps want to go point out "HAY UR DOIN IT WRONG" about something, please do.  I've already managed to completely miscomprehend Nominative case.  XD
A very long post about fictional grammar )

Also, why did I not have a conlang tag before now? utter failure.
25 January 2010 @ 11:51 am
Just figured I might share a little bit of the comic stuff I've been working on with everybody..

Sisterly Revenge by =subomouse on deviantART

A Family Dinner by =subomouse on deviantART

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