05 January 2012 @ 11:26 am
  • Cut red meat from my diet.
  • More original work, less fandom bullshit.
  • Finish a novel, I don't care which one.
  • Get through Chapter 3 of Wind Spirits.

27 September 2011 @ 10:49 am
This Sweet Madness
                Besot by demons of the past, the reincarnated Shitennou find themselves torn between the memories of what was, and their new realities. They gravitate toward one another in an effort to find a stable balance as the world begins to crumble around them.
Rating: R
Status: Complete
WC: 70k
Warnings:  dark themes are touched upon, including mental disorder, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, death and murder.
1Behind Blue EyesZoe
2It Doesn't MatterJun
3Runaway TrainNicholas
4Watched You FallKeanu
5There for YouZoe
6Set Fire to the RainJun
7Look at Those EyesNicholas
8No More (part 1, part 2)Keanu
9For Whom The Bell TollsEpilogue

Viva La Vida
                When a set of old faces reappear in their lives, the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask struggle to decide whether these persons are friend or foe as they begin to realize that what they believe of the past may not be true at all.
Rating: R
Status: Complete
WC: 6k
Warnings:  dark themes are touched upon, including mental disorder, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, death and murder.

This Glorious Sadness
                The Shitennou live, reborn to new lives but haunted by demons of the past.  Their task is simple: they must cleanse the Earth of the Moon Princess's taint.
Rating: R
Status: Ongoing
WC: 28,500 w @ current
Warnings:  dark themes are touched upon, including mental disorder, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, death and murder.

1After the Storm (part 1)(part 2)Keanu
2Thistle and Weeds (part 1)(part 2)Nicholas
*Intermission - Shake it OutMakoto

11 November 2010 @ 09:54 am
Heavy duty lessons and levels of emotional intensity, along with ‘should I stay or should I go’ scenarios, and reminders of people who have up and left; any and all of things are what’s on top of the stack at the moment. You know for sure that you’ll make it through this, but right now you’re feeling like it would be great if someone or something would come to the rescue. If I told you that this too shall pass would it help? Beyond that, it looks to me like this isn’t over yet. Don’t succumb to despair. If you play your cards right your deepest wish will come true.
~Cal Garrison

Once again, this woman delivers the advice I needed exactly when and why I needed it. What the frick.


Page nine of WS still isn't done. Why? Because I am an over-ambitious idiot who insists on attempting to draw detailed backgrounds with complicated perspectives. And did I mention horses? A freaking lot of horses. Next time I insist on pairing a tribal culture with a whole herd of the damned things, please shoot me.

That being said, I am actually pretty proud of myself for this.  The scripting is coming along well, though I would like a second opinion on it (my beta is awesomely awesome, but I'm a firm believer in multiple sets of eyes) as my beta-the-second has given up her position due to RL issues.  If anyone on my FL has some free time and wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it.  Totally willing to trade beta-ing, or possibly art sketches (though please understand there's a wait on the latter.  Standing commissions and all that jazz).

I'm considering switching over to Let It Be next week, as a bit of a "break," though I really need to be working on Endangered as well. LiB is only six pages, though, so in a week I could have a complete short story. Either way, I think that will be done by mid December. 

Back on Wind Spirits, though, I've decided to give myself a firm deadline of January 1st, no matter what. That day, the site is launching officially, and the first seven pages are going to be released, at the very least.  This gives me a little under two months to finish the first chapter, and retool the website. Considering what I've proven I can get done when I have a short deadline, I think that's doable.  But this involves some other considerations, like promotion posters and banner ads.  I've been reading over articles on marketing, and... well that's what I do at work, but I'm still not sure what my best bet on marketing for an article would be.  Especially when it comes to social networks.

I've been told that StumbleUpon works very well for some people.  I recently joined up and took a look around it, and it does seem as though it could work--but in order for it to pick up initial momentum, several people have to "stumble" your website, not just one. So, question number one to cyberspace, how many people use Stumble, here? How many people actively "like" websites on StumbleUpon?

Then there's the ever-popular facebook.  Some webcomics have success in making something called "fanpages" for their comics, and tend to generate some mild traffic from that. I know I have friends on FB, though I don't currently use it myself.  Is this a feature that, hypothetically , you would use?

Aside from that, though, all I've heard is mixed results.  Twitter works for some crowds, it doesn't for others.  Advertisement programs, like Project Wonderful, work for things, and not for others. As those programs are usually paid, I'm not sure how viable that option really is at the moment.  Are there any social sites that I haven't heard about, which you use? 

And I think that's enough rambling from me for now. XD I have got to get better at this whole... article writing jazz.


18 October 2010 @ 09:45 am
I have never in my life had any more problems with a webhost than I have had with Network Solutions. It bothers me that they go out of their way to make their back end as confusing as possible for anyone who doesn't want to use their "build it with us" javascript tool of bullshittery. I know how to write valid markup, thank you. I understand DNS configurations, and website troubleshooting, and even some basic code. I do not need someone to walk my hand through the set up and maintenance of a site.

So tell me why, then, have I had to contact your customer service three times in as many days about various issues with your service? A tiny little website like ours should not be getting 405, 403, and 404 errors every five minutes. And I haven't even mentioned the hellstorm I had to go through to get a properly re-writable wordpress installed. GoDaddy doesn't do this, and they've hosted our other sites for years. Dreamhost, my personal choice, has NEVER done this to me in the two and a half years I've been with them. Hell, I have never even seen Yahoo!Geocities do this, back when it was still running.

This is pathetic, Network Solutions, and I will never recommend you to anyone.


OK, ranting over with. In other news, I have started yet another project. Yes, yes, I know, please don't kill me. XD; This one will update sporadically and, quite frankly, has no script. I do have an idea where I'm going with it, though. It's more or less an experiment, at this point, in both style and writing. I'm wondering if I can just do this, pulling a story out of my arse, without over worrying myself about the tiny little details. Will it still be interesting?
The project is called Endangered, and it's about a trio of "magics" (that is, otherworldly magical creatures) attempting to survive in a world dead set on exterminating them. In a way, it's a reactionary peace to all of the "child finds out he/she is a part of a magical subculture" kids books which have been popular here lately, in that one of the main characters is an eleven-year-old orphan named Annie (yes, on purpose), who is just finding about what she was born into. But in this world, things are not sunshine and happiness, and good magical times at the expense of those silly, unwitting, and totally helpless "mundanes." Showing your ass to a regular human will get you killed, or severely maimed... as Annie will learn soon enough.

Probably not the most original thing on the planet, but hell--I'm having fun with it. Eventually I might even get to the conversation that sparked it all. XD If I ever get up to ten or so pages, I might make a SmackJeeves for it or something.

20 August 2010 @ 03:13 pm
Ommmggggg... I could rant for hours about the fact that sentence structure is a pain in my arse, but I won't.  Instead I'm just going to sit here and laud Sandy as being a hero, and my savior, and just... awesome shit. Seriously, praise her.   So here's a run down of the conlang shit I've been doing this week for Hurstikan.  This is still very much a work in progress, but if any of the conlangers/lang-peeps want to go point out "HAY UR DOIN IT WRONG" about something, please do.  I've already managed to completely miscomprehend Nominative case.  XD
A very long post about fictional grammar )

Also, why did I not have a conlang tag before now? utter failure.
This week, I have actually been sleeping.  Yes, that is strange for me. 

Rambling about sleeping schedules and Wacom tablets )

I'm still pressing for a December/January release of the comic... though a part of me is screaming that that's going to fly by sooner than I think.  We'll see, brain. We'll see.

Also, thank you to D for linking me this song. It is appropriate:


Mixed feelings have made it hard to know how to handle this situation. Part of you is ready to overlook the problem, and the rest of you thinks that you need to do something about it. It’s not clear what actually needs to happen, but it appears as if it’s one of those things that will resolve itself better if you stop trying to correct it. Some things work themselves out. This situation is not anything you can control. If the idea of doing something about it is more appealing to you, the best you can do is keep abreast of your own issues and make sure you’re on top of yourself.
~Cal Garrison

21 June 2010 @ 11:50 am
More ConLang fun )

Still not 100% complete, but It's moving there.  IDK if what I'm doing is linguistically "legal," but I figure if there can be a language that has no numeric or colour system, then this can work too. XD
09 June 2010 @ 07:59 pm
So, I've been trying to make my own language...

what the hell was I thinking? )
22 March 2010 @ 12:03 pm
This morning's moment of funny:

For those who don't know, I work for a liquor wholesale company--restaurants call us to place their orders, we deliver, blah blah blah.  Considering the area (SE Texas), we get a lot of A) Mexican restaurants, and B) restaurant owners/employees that speak little to no English, or who have C) extremely garbled accents. As no one in our office speaks fluent Spanish, at current, this can lead to the occasional issue, but we usually manage to work around it.

First thing in the morning, I come in and check our voice mail to see who placed orders there over the weekend. There were only two messages, and one was not an order.  The one that was I listened to five times to get all the information.  Most of it made sense, except for the name of the restaurant:

Super Tardis ala Coco

After searching through quickbooks for awhile, I found the correct name: Super Tortas Acapulco. XD

In other news, I was mildly productive this weekend! :3 Just... not in the way I was supposed to be. D:  I got most of my room cleaned and re-organized--all that is left is the bedroom area, which doesn't really bother me so much.  I need to strip the bed and wash the linens, but I can do that tonight.  The business end of the room is nearly complete, however.

I moved furniture, dusted everything, and basically got myself set up with a much better work-space than I had before.  I really, really wish I had a place for my old art-desk, but that isn't going to happen--at least not until I get rid of some shit.  I wouldn't mind being able to take down the rickety make-shift "shelves" my cousin rigged up in there, but that is the sort of job that requires a weekends worth of full-time attention to, plus enlisting Jr.'s strength. (The structure is part aluminum siding, part concrete blocks stacked to the ceiling. It's dangerous, and not at all attached to the wall. x.x)

If I were to get rid of those, I could find a cheap desk/shelving unit at IKEA or something that would give me MUCH more organization and work space (hell, I already picked out two from their uncatalogued that would be awesome)... shit, now I want to do that. =.=  But I shouldn't.  Not, at least, until I know if I'll be moving soon or not.

All this uncertainty is ruining my nesting tendencies.

Another product of this weekend is that I'm thinking about getting into the Artist Alley con-life. I've thought about it before, but I now that I have friends who are doing it, and I'm not in school anymore, it seems like it could be fun.  Navigating the tax laws for it is difficult, but I think with a little bit of research that it's navigate-able.

The bigger issue is about things to sell, and if I even have a chance at it.  Original works are all well and good--and I would obviously be trying to produce some for con purposes--fanart sells better. I wouldn't (and don't) really expect conning to be lucrative, but I would hope to be able to at least make back my investment, after taxes and everything is concerned. The only real "issue" with this is that I don't have much to do with the current anime fads.

I'm going to be going to the Anime Matsuri con two weeks from now--for Saturday, at least, and maaaybe Sunday--and doing some market "research" there.  What people are offering, the major characters...but more importantly, what characters are missing.  I have a strong feeling that doing buttons or the like of characters who are lesser known might have a bit of a market.  For instance, Sailor Moon is still VERY popular, but I rarely see any buttons/chibis/etc of the Amazon Quartet, even though they have a fanbase. Or the Shitennou for that matter.  Most of what gets made are the Senshi and/or Tux Max.  

Granted, this might not be true at all cons, but I don't remember seeing anything of the like at the few I've been to, or posted to places like dA, where button designs are often displayed with a "will be at X con" note.

If anyone has suggestions of lesser-noted characters from like... Naruto, Death Note, Soul Eater, Kingdom Hearts, etc... pls to be mentioning it.  XD

Right now I'm looking at getting a table at the Delta H con in august as a test run.  Mostly because it's a tiny, second year con with cheap tables.  So if I hate it, I haven't wasted that much money.  I'll also (probably) be dragging Ami with me, who is uber excited.  She was supposed to go to Matsuri with me, too, but that is, sadly, not working out. D:

Which reminds me, if anyone is going to be at Matsuri on Sat, and you wanna get together, SAY SOMETHING. :D I would love to have company!  I know I need to mention it to you, Natalie, since you asked a few weeks ago, but there are a few other Texans on my f-list....

Hmmm, what else.

V, you need to help me beat Keanu into shape or something if you want that chapter.  Though Nick has been making noise that his chapter might come first.  If you're wondering what is taking so freaking long, it's the fact that I ended up writing 6k words of useless material for Keanu because I started the chapter "too soon."  (I seriously had to cut it, or else the chapter would go massively slow and be about fifty pages long--aka, the problem with MIN.)

Also, I cannot breathe.  GD I LOVE ALLERGY SEASON. /slits wrist/