21 October 2011 @ 03:00 pm

So I’m sitting at my desk being all

And then Sir Service Manager comes up and he’s all

And I’m all

And finally he leaves, so I can be more like

But then Sir Service Dude comes in, and he wants to be all

And then Sir Service Manager comes back, and they’re both all

about whatever jerk-off-of-the-week is giving them problems right now, while I’m just sitting there like

because I don’t want to look like

but goddammit, this happens every. single. day.

And that is why my lunch is always cold.

30 November 2010 @ 02:19 pm
I spent most of my lunch break staring at a not-so-blank page and wondering why I couldn't seem to write anything else on a story that obviously needs to be continued.  Strangely, as I usually hate my writing shortly after "finishing" it, the bits and pieces I have of Yield For Nothing are something I'm still proud of, almost a  year after their creation.  The first chapter needed some mild editing, but I worked it out... and unfortunately cannot seem to write anymore of it.  I like it, I want to work on it--I have this horrid desire to surrender a few nights to it when I should be working on something vastly more important--but try as I might, that next scene just will not appear.

gruh. Ripping hair out now.
09 September 2010 @ 01:56 pm

This week has been blessedly short. There's something about a Monday off which always seems to make the week go by faster, no matter what it brings otherwise. On life's agenda for this week: customers who can't pay their bills, teenagers who party all too frequently for my old-lady tastes, my father's inability to deal with artistic nudity (which leads me to wonder how he would feel about my art, were to ever show him a meaningful example of it), another bout of insomnia, and nightmares about Sarah Palin.

The first thing is far too common to really go into, but I will make a note that I find it humorous, annoying, and generally unsettling the amount of people who seemingly cannot process the concept of "we cannot sell you further products until you pay for that which you've already 'bought.'"

Despite my fetus-status (in-joke nickname from a group I belong to, for those who just friended me), I often find myself reminded of just how much an "old lady" I am in thought; nothing does this more than the (mis)adventures of the Kid. (As a short recap for the new people on my f-list(s), I currently rent living space from my second-cousin, J, who is my mother's age. J has two children of her own, L (a college student only three years my younger), and the Kid, who is a fifteen-year-old pest hell-bent on driving us all bonkers. )

In which I rant about those damn kids on my lawn. )

In which my dad is a four-year-old. )

In the end it was a pleasant few hours, and then they left and I spent the rest of the day hermiting as always. Good times, good times. In fact, I got so much sleep on Monday night that it almost makes up for the two days of insomnia that followed. What I didn't expect, though, was to dream about Sarah Palin.

Really, brain? Sometimes I think you hate me. Involved in the dream, what I can remember of it, was a margarita machine my company was installing in her house (which actually is what our company does, just not in Alaska), my delivering her cake and ice cream, and her being a generally nice, wholesome person, wherein "wholesome" is not a veiled insult for "fundy." The entire time, the back of my mind was screaming that it was a trap.

Which it probably was, but I thankfully woke up before she either turned me into stone or shoved me into an oven.

This week, I have actually been sleeping.  Yes, that is strange for me. 

Rambling about sleeping schedules and Wacom tablets )

I'm still pressing for a December/January release of the comic... though a part of me is screaming that that's going to fly by sooner than I think.  We'll see, brain. We'll see.

Also, thank you to D for linking me this song. It is appropriate:


Mixed feelings have made it hard to know how to handle this situation. Part of you is ready to overlook the problem, and the rest of you thinks that you need to do something about it. It’s not clear what actually needs to happen, but it appears as if it’s one of those things that will resolve itself better if you stop trying to correct it. Some things work themselves out. This situation is not anything you can control. If the idea of doing something about it is more appealing to you, the best you can do is keep abreast of your own issues and make sure you’re on top of yourself.
~Cal Garrison

28 July 2010 @ 09:47 am
Two days in a row. Fun.

The Kid has been throwing parties again. 

This time, his mother knows about them. Which is, I suppose, an improvement of sorts.  It does not stop the fact that she's allowing him to throw these backyard "raves" on weeknights.  Nor does it negate that she's allowing her fourteen-year-old to have over twenty-something-year-old "friends" with alcohol involved.  I suppose I can understand the  "he's going to do it anyway, it may as well go on under my roof" philosophy. Except that that philosophy should be tempered with "under supervision," of which there was none.  Save the drunk twenty-somethings. Because they're good examples.

Apparently, I am also the only person in the house who has a problem with this.  I wouldn't, actually, if they didn't sit outside my bedroom door yammering at two-thirty in the gorram morning.  Once was a simple mistake. This time, I said something.  When I get home from work, I'm taking it up with him and his mother again, in a more reasonable fashion.

I really don't mind this going on during the weekends, but good gods, I have to work during the week. =.=


The things that make you unique have more to do with the way you respond to life than they do with whatever you’re doing outwardly. You may not realize it but it’s your feelings and your ability to care that generates every bit of goodness that comes to you. Knowing this may make it easier for you to understand that you will only feel qualified for what you’re about to take on when you erase any thought that says you might not be good enough. The extent to which you are able to recognize and value your self will be what determines how things go from here.
~Cal Garrison

...and we're back to creepily reassuring. o.O
22 July 2010 @ 09:30 am
Someone remind me that good posture is worth constant discomfort. =.=
Current Mood: uncomfortable
22 April 2010 @ 10:59 am
Petty gossip is more fun when you’re not the center of it. The topic of more than one conversation, it’s too bad no one really knows what’s going on, and even less about whether or not you play into it. You’ve got your reasons for keeping silent. Jumping in to defend yourself will only make things worse. Situations like this require us to let people think what they want and refrain from over exposing ourselves to their judgments. You’ve definitely got the soap opera of the century going on but there’s nothing about it that warrants this much speculation.
~Cal Garrison

If any of that is true, I don't wanna know about it.  


(1) GET THOSE GORRAM COMMISSIONS FINISHED D: I'm disappointed in you, self.
(2) finish WS chapter three sometime this century
(3) for that matter, there's fanfic to write

Also, a word to our customers:  I know you guys seem to think I'm Anthony's keeper, but technically he out-ranks me.  Sorry, I can't force him to call you back in a timely manner.  I'm already doing what I can just by keeping his messages in triplicate and plastering his office with them.  Do stop bitching at me, I'm on your side.
04 March 2010 @ 03:09 pm
It never fails that in ten years of using photoshop, some new issue will always crop up.  Today, in typical unapologetic fashion, it was the crop tool.  Turns out it was just locked to an aspect ratio, but it still befuddled me for a few minutes.  XD

life, rambling, fiction updates )

Most of this is just whine, whine, whine, ramble, so I apologize for that. XD  Let's leave on a good note, shall we:

23 November 2009 @ 09:58 am
... I feel as if I've burnt my tongue on pineapple. There needs to be an emoticon for this.

You Are the King

You may not move quickly, but you move with purpose. You take every decision in your life seriously.

You don't think that most risks are worth their potential downsides. You try to protect yourself at all costs.

Some people may consider you an egomaniac, but you're simply self-interested. It's perfectly natural to want to put yourself first.

You have a lot of responsibility, an a lot of people depend on you. If you were taken out of commission, those that depend on you would be doomed.

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