20 January 2012 @ 10:05 am
Sir Sales Manager comes in and asks how I feel about having my old marketing position back--HE mentions that he thought I seemed somewhat frustrated with the office work the past month or two (note: I've been doing that job for over a year, so a little frustration in the last two months is not exactly indicative of me hating the job, IMHO.) I agree that, yes, I was a tiny bit frustrated in general, and that, after awhile, explaining the same thing repetitively to customers who don't want to listen (IE, the exact same customer who asks the exact same questions month in, month out, despite having been with us for over a decade) can get a little old.  This is not something I ever said TO a customer, or got frustrated about to their face.  I know better.

So he immediately puts it off on my generation having no patience for anything, ever

Um, no.  Thank you very much, but I put up with a LOAD of shit with a smile.  My expressing a moment's frustration (BECAUSE YOU ASKED) does not make me, or people loosely related to me by age alone, "constantly impatient with other people's 'stupid' even though we've had to watch y'all grow up and let me tell you~."

Of course, this is the same guy who thinks he's not racist because he's "colourblind," proudly proclaims his "Non-PC" status at least five times a day, likes to go off about how he managed to pay off his student loans with no problem twenty fucking years ago and doesn't see how anything has changed in that time so what are these people bitching about, and believes that socialism equates to communism. 

Doing this as I've owed her a response for a few days. XD Also jacking hyel's answer format:

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14 November 2010 @ 09:55 am
Last night, in the midst of slacking off, I finally got around to watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. I'd heard phenomenal praise of this film as being one of the best in a long time, but hadn't managed to go see it while it was still in theatres--which, it turns out, was actually a mistake.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I'd recommend you do -- IF you're a gamer geek and/or movie fanatic. If you're not, this movie probably isn't for you. The film requires that you drop your suspension of disbelief to record lows as people calmly accept the fact that, apparently, everyone is some kind of kick-ass, ninja-like supernatural fighter with no explanation what so ever. There are some shots of utter disbelief from everyone at the beginning, then they just seem to forget that they ever objected to it. Despite this, the effects were amazing, the editing and direction was spectacular, and the actors were, for the most part, very well chosen.
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TL;DR: Bitching about Love vs Lust confusion in movies. Very important stuff, I'm sure.