03 October 2009 @ 08:19 pm
((I went to Kemah--a boardwalk sorta mini-theme park area off the gulf--today with [livejournal.com profile] archaeopetryx to take our BJD boys on a "date" while we got out of the house. It was my first time there, and a lot of fun--despite the swarms of mosquitos. The rest of this is a journal-style Entry from Tekka's POV.))

Some days I wonder if Simon isn't godsent or a demon. For those of you who might have missed the previous instances of Hook, Line and Sinker (see relevant tag, for details,) Simon has this penchant for trying to whore me out to his friends, odd-looking strangers, people's dogs... I've yet to figure out why the obsession, or where it's going, but it has lead to some pretty interesting ordeals. It's been suggested by various parties that I stop taking his hookups, and I really can't say why I still go along with it. Curiosity, perhaps? Some sort of self flagellation technique? Either way, I stopped taking these set-ups seriously a long time ago.

He sprung another one me a few days ago, and for some reason I decided to go along with. I'd love to say it was a moment of intuition, or that I just had nothing better to do... Really, have no idea. Maybe it was the reason... Regardless, I called the guy, and this morning showed up in Kemah for our date.

So I have to admit that he's hot. Genuinely nice, too. A little flamboyant, but in a fun way, not a... rainbows and glitter sort of way. (Though there was glitter involved, don't ask.) And this is coming from a man with bright pink headphones. We spent most of our time terrorizing the carnival games and watching this incredible shoal of fish. There must have been some sort of major cat-fish migration going on, because there was a writhing wall of fish by the docks. The ducks were walking on top of them!

For the first time in existence, I don't feel the need to berate Simon for this. Aya's a nice guy to hang out with, and I was glad to meet him. We might even go out again, sometime... but I'd rather not speculate about it.



Oh, for the audiophiles, this is definitely worth a listen: