17 May 2011 @ 01:51 pm
Not reading or watching gay-centric entertainment may not make you anti-gay, but your reasons behind it and feelings about it may require a bit more examination. For example, as much as m/m has exploded in the e-published romance genre lately, gay storylines are still almost unheard of in popular media. (And let’s not even talk about multisexual, polyamorous, asexual, and trans* storylines. It’s too depressing.) We don’t get gay people on TV who have more going on in their lives than Just Being Gay. We don’t get books about gay characters who fall in love as an afterthought to the things going on in their lives. So people who think there is “too much gay” in modern storytelling might want to take a second look at how much the gay people in their lives, their best friends, their ubiquitous gay brother or sister or uncle or cousin, whom they claim to love, are getting ignored, erased, and overlooked. And maybe then they can find a little more patience with the few times we do manage to get our own stories.

Jules Robin, GLBTQ activist and troublemaker, in an IM to hir good friend and ranting partner

So much this, thank you Jules.