30 June 2011 @ 10:04 am
There are so many things to do! 

Delta H starts tomorrow, at 3pm if I'm reading this correctly.   Set up is 10am to 3pm, and since I have jack squat to set up, I'll probably be there at about 1pm--just to make sure that nothing goes wrong.  It'll also be the day I get to man my table alone, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't freaking out about that a little.  I'm a bit of a pessimist by nature, and I keep expecting something to go horridly wrong.  Not that Ami will be much help against things going wrong, but at least she'd provide a witness and good commentary.   Anyway, she's due to arrive sometime Friday night or Saturday morning, and will be with me the rest of the con.  My BFF rules.

Everything else is running...quasi-smooth.  About the time I went to make art prints I realize that I have very little I am comfortable selling in a roomful of children.  Though artistic nudity isn't banned by the cons, there are some display measures that have to be taken, which I'm really not sure about.  If I have time I may ask the director and figure something out.  But that still leaves the fact that I have a hang up about selling things with nudity in front of children, plus the idea that I might mistakenly sell some to a minor and what that could bring on my head.

Which I have mixed feelings about.  On one hand, I find it incredibly silly that a little nudity is such a big issue.  It's just skin (fictional skin at that) and completely tasteful.  On the other hand, I was as much raised in this puritanical society as everyone else that makes said puritanical society, and my sensibilities are bruised at even the thought of taking these prints to a print shop--much less trying to sell them. 

When I take the nude works out of the equation, I'm left with four things I am not entirely ashamed to ask money for.  Five, if you count the 4x6 sailor moon chibi (which I'll have a small number of prints of).  This is somewhat pathetic and I should really do something about that.  But not right now, I don't have time.

I got my first print run done last night, and for cheaper than I thought I'd be able to.  I also printed some very simple business cards that I plan to hand out to anyone who wants to look me up after the con.  The backs are blank, and I intend to doodle on them if I have time.  Beyond that, my prints are going into a binder that people can flip through, and I'm making a card to display the buttons on which I'll have one of my dolls (Tarnish) holding.  After debating it, I figured her in her most "animu" outfit might help me attrack some attention.  There will be a few other people from the doll group there, so if they bring some of theirs we may just end up with a random doll shoot.

Which reminds me that I still haven't gotten a replacement battery for my camera.  So, if I have pictures of the con itself, they're very likely to be terrible cell phone pictures.  Sorry! 

Other than that, I need to get a tablecloth for the table (I'm thinking something obnoxious and bright), make sure I have drawing supplies handy, and to complete my inventory.  Oh, and make sandwiches to bring.  And charge my cell phone. And bring headphones.  And a water bottle.  And transfer my writing files to my netbook so that I can plug away at the novel if there's a lull and I have nothing else to do.  And hope there's somewhere to plug in the net-book. 

Speaking of, I'm making a cursory attempt at Camp NaNoWriMo.  Finishing TSM has put me into a state of "oh, hay, maybe I can finish something!" Not that TSM doesn't have it's faults (I will be going back and editing it, especially those first two chapters), but it is at least a novel-length work that got finished.  Sorta.  Kinda.  Maybe.  I need to stop thinking about this.

Not promising I'll ever finish a Nano, though, since I keep piddling out on things like Mango every month.  Wind Spirits isn't dead, either, for anyone actually wondering.  It is slow as frozen molasses, but it isn't dead.  I will, hopefully, get back to working on it more regularly once Delta H is past me. 

Frankly, even if this weekend bombs entirely it will still be worth a four-day weekend. 

07 October 2010 @ 09:46 am
After much debating with myself, I realized that I really do need to open commissions again... and in a much less confusing manner. Since I've begun Job #2 my drawing has been picking up in speed again, so I don't think there's any more risk of delays. Anyway, I'll be taking commissions in a queue of five -- if/when the slots fill up, I'll close, and then open them again when I'm done with all five. If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to knock out that much over a weekend.

Some Examples:

Links go to my deviantArt page

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1.  Rose
2.  Lincard

Questions? Comments? Post away!


08 March 2010 @ 12:07 pm

It's Monday morning for the next... five more minutes, or so.  I am STILL not awake. =.=  I even allowed myself caffeine this morning and it just isn't helping.  Lunch may be spent getting myself some coffee and doing a round of jumping jacks.  ((I guess it doesn't help that I let myself read the single most depressing vignette I've ever stumbled across this morning.  Holy GOD that thing just broke my heart five times sideways.))

On the other hand, I'm really starting to get a feel for Nick (TSM-verse) so more of that should be coming up soon. And I'm officially giving up on BF this month. XD I might try some for-fun prompts, but I can't come up with jack to save my life.  Plus all the coding I did over the weekend still has my head swimming a bit--but I rather like the result. 

So, to continue the "you need to do this" list, I'm giving myself a deadline of two items crossed off by this weekend.  That means that by Saturday morning, I need to have two more things checked off the list. /nod/   Especially if I'm going to drive home this weekend, which I'm still not 100% on, but I did mention to mom that I'd go see Alice in Wonderland with her.

Still job hunting.  Nothing has turned up  yet, but I'm crossing my fingers on it.  Tempted to pull a Lottie, but we all know that won't help, really ;D.  Also, I think I need more icons with phrases.  If you have any icon-journal suggests for just... wacky crazy fun icons, please link.  Yes, I know I have an obsession.  I'm fine with that.  

Here, have some fun music:

15 June 2009 @ 06:18 pm
Me: i found like... a whole shitload of artbooks at a used book store the other day
Me: and i was just like
Me: and it got me started again
Me: XD i swear. GW and SM are the two fandoms i just keep returning to
Me: and this picture really needs to stop looking like softcore porn
Tofu: you're right
Tofu: it should look like hardcore porn


And people wonder why I'm so weird? I have wonderful encouragement, obviously.