26 June 2012 @ 10:26 am
I kind of disappeared from LJ...it happens.  Tumblr moves a lot more quickly and my life's been kind of weird the past several months.  So here's a quick rundown:

I got fired around mid-to-late February.   There were a lot of feelings surrounding this, the largest of which was embarrassment.  It's never easy to admit these things and I spent about a week hyperventilating about what the fuck I was going to do.   Then I got taken on full time at the second job and have since earned a raise that's put me back into stability.  I still have a lot of mixed feelings about that last job, though I definitely do not miss it.  Mainly because I feel like I was fired as a scapegoat for my supervisor's BS. 

But that's reopening an old wound and let's not, shall we?

The "new" job can be tedious at times (what job can't?), but is mostly just awesome.  I really get to flex my artistic muscles besides doing web based stuff.  And the Commander likes my work enough that most of the time it remains reasonably intact (as opposed to ex-Lady Boss ripping everything to shreds for no good reason. Like forcing me to put Comic Sans on everything).  Even when it doesn't, I understand her reasoning as to why. 

The only draw back to this is that it leaves me creatively drained come quitting time.  Most evenings I don't want to do a damn thing except talk to friends and game a bit...so that's what I've been doing.  XD Not the best response ever.  And addictive.

Most recently I acquired a new kitten, named Sillabub:


That's another awesome thing about the job:  we can bring our pets to work.  She still not too crazy about her carrier, but it's getting better.  Next on the list is leash training.

Also: if there's anyone in the SouthEast Texas / SouthWest Louisiana area who wants a kitten my sister still has four she's trying to find homes for. Most of them are grey / tan, though.

So...yeah.  That about sums it up.  Job change, kitten, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.   XD I'll try to get back to posting more regularly.

10 December 2010 @ 07:30 pm

No,seriously?  ... Seriously. =.= And it's just as shallow as you might think.  If you're curious and don't mind giving up whatever sanity you have remaining: www.bookbyyou.com


A rainbow rat
A checkered cat
Go tail in tail along the road
The mouse is pleased
The moon is cheese
The sun is shining hot and cold

~ The Singing Sea - The Seatbelts; Yoko Kanno

So my obsession with the Seatbelts just keeps getting deeper and deeper. They have now inspired me to paint. Yes, paint. Me. I'm probably in more shock about this than I have a right to be.
Yay for crappy cell-phone pictures! It isn't quite done, yet; I plan to finish it tomorrow. There are also two other canvases I prepped at the same time, and a few more ideas rumbling about in there. Oh Lords and Ladies, what have I gotten myself into?

Also, the mouse is metallic. Cause that's awesome.

19 November 2010 @ 12:11 pm

This is right outside my office right now. XD It's just too great. We're waiting to see if another tow truck comes, because damn.
And before I even finished posting this, this happened:
More pics under cut )

All three of them together. XD We are dying, in the office.

14 October 2010 @ 10:18 am
Your efforts to be prepared have gotten bollixed up by random forms of interference. With no time to steady your plans you find yourself torn between pressure to do a good job and the demands of close others who seem to need you more than anything. Too much to handle isn’t the word for it. If you’re worried about how you’re going to look when you show up without a script, you can trust the fact that everything that’s interfering with your prep work is actually part of it. Spend less time worrying and more time paying attention to the lesson.
Cal Garrison

First time I read her in months and she nails it. Stop trying to make me a believer.
12 October 2010 @ 03:37 pm

Reposting for the lulls. XD

11 October 2010 @ 08:11 pm

I don't usually repost this sort of thing, but having read through it it really does need to be passed around.

Go read this story about a woman who has the local law enforcement and child services trying to throw their family out of their home (with no due cause). This is still ongoing, and they need the word to get spread.  (The skeptic in me says it might not be true--though I have the feeling it is--but just in case... err on the side of trusting. You never know.)
24 August 2010 @ 04:56 pm
Satoshi Kon may be is dead.  I add the "may be," as reports have not yet been confirmed in the Japanese news--however, several of his co-workers have confirmed that he has passed away, though they have not given the reason.

I just... wow.  

I may well be re-watching Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers, and a few others, tonight.  Tears may well be involved. 

Someone apparently jammed my emotional button today.

Need for an appropriately sad icon. >.>
30 June 2010 @ 03:23 pm

1) Finish chapter 5 of the script.  Seriously.
2) Complete  my commission list.  Super seriously.
3) Call the Girl. Hope she is living.
4) Finish the ficswap fic and trim it the fuck down.  You are not allowed to write yet another epic. What is wrong with you?
5) Revamp the portfolio site.  That thing is ugly as fuck and twice as old, omg.
6) Figure out what this mood is and why I'm in it.
7) Stop spamming LJ with my nonsense.
8) Pick a tense to address yourself with and stick with it. 
9) Finish the Ama dictionary, because Hurstica is waiting.  I am such a dork, holy shit.
10) Stop cursing for no reason. It is not as funny as you think it is right now.

... and you might wanna get your license renewed. Just a thought.